Big Buildings of New York, Part 1

The twin towers used to be one of the biggest buildings in the world. They are two towers  that are the north tower and the south tower. They always standed out in New York, the north tower had a really long stick the sticked out of the tower. Then on September 11, 2001 somthing crazy happened.  A Plane hit the north tower everyone thought it was a mistake. But then another plane hit the south tower then we knew it was a terrorist attack. BOOM! BASH! KAPOOSH!! stuff fell out of the windows a plane hit the middle of the south tower.

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So much people died that day, I was not even born yet. People where so afraid everyone was running for there life. A few minutes later the south tower went down, after that the north tower went down over 1700 people died that day. There were a lot of brave souls that day in those towers. But luckily they built a new building can you guess what that is??

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Come next time for “Big Buildings of New York, Part 2.

Burj Khalfia

Burj is the biggest tower in the world. It is located in dubai, if you are afraid of heights DO NOT GO TO THE TOP!! It is shown in the movie mission impossible with Tom Cruise. One of my favorite buildings is burj my favorite is The World Trade Center. So you can see I love Burj Khalfia.

Michael Jackson

Image result for michael jackson1958 Michael Jackson is born, he had 8 siblings too. Him and some of his brothers made a group called “The Jackson 5”. They made like a dozen of songs like “ABC”, Michael’s dad got them to go play at Motown. After that Michael left the group and went to play on his own. Michael had to wife’s he made a lot of songs to like Thriller, Beat It, Bad, Billie Jean,  Man in Mirror, Rock My World and so much more. He went on to have three children who were named Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Michael Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II. Michael Jackson actually bought The Beatles for a tone of dough like to much.

Michael Jackson also played in a play with Dianna Ross called “The Wiz”, he was the scarecrow. Michael was shy when he was young b/c he pimples and Michael Jackson had a lot of nose jobs. Michael won a lot of Grammy Awards like for the best song for the best music video and a tone more. One day Michael Jackson went to the doctor and his doctor gave him sleeping pills and Michael sadly died in 2009.

Super Bowl LI

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February 5 2017, at 6:30 a special time will be here. The Super Bowl, The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons going head to head. My opinion is I want the Falcons to win so New England fans don’t be mad. This time is so serious everyone in the world should be watching this. I’m going to my dad’s friends house, like 5 minutes early. I wanted the Panthers to win last year so much for that, the MVP has to show up and put on a show.

I like Tom Brady a little bit, at school one of the classrooms had 13 votes for Falcons and 0 votes for Patriots. I want Julio Jones to go off with like 3 touchdowns and 140 yards and Matty Ice with like a 5 touchdown game a lot I mean a lllloooootttt of yards. I really do not have any much more to say come back next time to see type about the Knicks game i’m going to on February 12 because my b-day is on the 13th. I got really great seats i’ll take a picture on where i’m going to be sitting in my next blog. As always one more thing, WATCH THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry (30) shoots and makes a half-court shot in the final second of the second quarter of their game against the Los Angeles Clippers during their NBA game at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif. on Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

On January 28 2017, Steph Curry made on the craziest shot of all time. The Golden State Warriors were playing the Los Angles Clippers and it was 51-69 GSW was leading like 4 seconds left Curry spinned and took a shot about a foot behind the half court. Golden State scored 72 points in the first half and 72 points in the second half. Curry had a awesome game with 40 points, Golden State has so much good players like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and much more. I’m a big Golden State Warrior fan so GSW keep going get to the playoffs and hopefully they do not have to play the Cavs.


Transformers 5: The Last Knight

Transformers 5 is going to come out on June 23 2017. The first four of them where good but this one looks better than all of them. I still don’t get why Optimus Prime is bad and megatron is good, did Prime shut down in space and now he’s bad. I know Transformers 6 is all about bumblebee, speaking of bumblebee what was that all about when Optimus looks like he’s stabbing bumblebee and the end of the Transformers 5 trailer. Remember when that scene when cibertron gets really close to earth, that was sick. Rodimus Prime from the old school transformers looks very, very, orangey. I’m probably going to see it in the theaters with my dad like I did with TF4.

There making it up to Transformers 7 as far is I know,Ok lets focus on 5 it is coming out in 5 months there’s a lot of stuff going on. To be honest out of the millions of times I watched Transformers I always liked Megatron even though Optimus is my favorite Megatron was a very cool character. I really do not have much to say any more, so come back next time to see me type about Football well one more thing watch TF5!!!